Corey Leiter

"Time's Cruel Lullaby" Available Now

26-year-old singer-songwriter Corey Leiter is fascinated by the power of a song.  Especially the feeling of raw emotion behind a guitar lick or melody, or the way a lyric can make you rethink.  Corey recognizes this and is constantly exploring its possibilities.  Corey has always been known for his laid-back demeanor, his ability to listen and to soak in his surroundings, which has always made him someone to confide in.  His music is a reflection of his personality, in that it’s characterized by smooth and melodic instrumentation, a diverse range of influences, and thoughtful lyrics that aim to soothe the troubled soul.  Corey is greatly inspired by the moving songwriting of Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, and George Harrison.  Writers that push the boundaries of a song and turn it into something profound.  He hopes that his music can someday become a tool to better understand the true meaning of love and/or the complex human condition.

Originally from small-town- Aurora, OH, Corey moved to Nashville to study, and pursue a career in music. Since, Corey has become a prolific writer and has managed to release two EPs and two full-length LPs independently.  "Son in the Sun," Corey's most recent LP, was released on August 21st, 2017, to coincide with the Great American Solar Eclipse, and was fueled by his experiences with transcendental mediation and self-discovery.  It's an artistic statement that refuses to fall under one specific genre. It ebbs and flows between folk-rock, blue-eyed soul, and psychedelic, but is always centered around his brash acoustic guitar and emotionally raw and poetic lyrics.

Since the release of “Son in the Sun,” Corey has let the album take him around the world. After touring the U.S. and Europe with a backpack and an acoustic guitar, Corey landed in Los Angeles, where he continues to write and record. His new EP “Time’s Cruel Lullaby” (out April 5th) was recorded in his Los Angeles bedroom with a 4-track cassette recorder. The songs are lofi, yet dreamy meditations on the concept of time, as it relates to love, longing, and distance.

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