Corey Leiter

Debut LP "August Blanket" Available Now

Nashville Five // Corey Leiter- Lockeland Springsteen

By Sean McHugh

Reverence towards the written word is an affinity that’s become increasingly absent within the matrimony of music and songwriting; one demands less of the other, and there’s rarely a balance with regard to form of function.

But every so often, there are artists that emerge conceivably out of nowhere, reinvigorating the otherwise dwindling spirit between the two, a promising confluence between both the historically prosaic and aesthetic sides of music, all the while peppering in personal experience with the greatest of ease.

Corey Leiter... has managed to extend such sensibilities on his debut LP, August Blanket, incorporating personal stories ranging from terminal disappointment to happy solitude, all with a smooth groove and crystalline tone.

While August Blanket is only Leiter’s first full-length, his self-actualized personal narrative will undoubtedly serve the 24-year old well in each follow-up endeavor.
— Lockeland Springsteen

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